Gina (hannurdock) wrote in movie_journal,


Newbie Questionnaire

Nickname: Hannurdock

Age: 25

Location: Birmingham, UK

Favourite Movie: The Queen of the Damned

Favourite Scene: Marius in QotD - Jumping on the Vampire's Head / Concert Sequence

Favourite Actor: Brad Pitt / Orlando Bloom / Bill Nighy

Favourite Actress: Drew Barrymore / Kate Beckinsale / Margueritte Moreau

Favourite Soundtrack: The Queen of the Damned

Top Ten

Ten Favourite Movies – From Last Favourite to Number One Favourite Film

10. Roadkill

09. The Night Flier

08. Phone Booth

07. Freddy vs Jason

06. Cujo

05. Lord of the Rings II

04. X-Men II

03. Firestarter II

02. Underworld

01. The Queen of the Damned
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Can you recommend any good british movies those haven't played in US?
you sure do like a lot of shit films